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Enjoy Workouts

Similarly, if someone is going on a holiday and has to take off his shirt, he must prepare one month before. I think fitness regimen keeps on changing for three to four times a week with different workouts. One has to listen to his body, the body tells you and gives you signs to what you have to do, says the actor. He suggests that one must workout according to the workload and lifestyle. If there is someone who works at the office, then doing strenuous workout at the gym is the only option. For someone who works at a public place or anywhere where they are walking around a lot then they are already doing a lot of cardio in a day. So it depends on what you are doing. Make workouts it subject to your own personality. Dont starve yourself.
Source: http://www.thehindu.com/features/metroplus/fitness/enjoy-workouts/article5639242.ece

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