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May 29 2014


How Your Workout Fuels The Cloud | Cloud Computing - Infoworld

] My Bluetooth-enabled heart-rate monitor gathers data on my iPhone via the Runtastic app. This includes activity, time spent, and things I do to see if I can make my heart blow out of my chest. That data is uploaded to the Runtastic cloud after each workout. However, cardio is only part of the game. There's also diet, and I use MyFitnessPal to track my food intake. MyFitnessPal also runs on my iPhone and sends data to the Runtastic cloud. That way, I can count my workout calories against that extra glass of wine I tend to sneak in before bedtime. However, metrics around my weight also .. [read more] are important, so I use the Withings Wi-Fi-connected scale that measures both my weight and body mass index Max Workouts for men and uploads both to the Withings cloud. Withings can share my weight with Runtastic and MyFitnessPal, and they can share data with the Withings cloud.
More http://www.infoworld.com/d/cloud-computing/how-your-workout-fuels-the-cloud-242828

February 16 2014


Fitness | Customized Workouts Have Regular Joes Sweatin' Like The Pros

LAKEWOOD RANCH -- More and more so-called "normal" people want Max Workouts review to emulate professional athletes and have training regimes tailored to meet their needs. To accommodate their desire, Mike Gough, longtime trainer and owner of Athletic Edge Sports in Lakewood Ranch, has expanded his services. "I have opened it up and have an executive athletic program," Gough said. "It's for normal people who want to be challenged and trained with a personal, customized program. I call them executive athletes, but it's open to the general population." Bob Delaney, who was an NBA ref for 23 years until his retirement in 2011, wanted to stay in shape and found Gough's training methods perfect to fit his needs. "You cannot duplicate running up and down basketball floors 80 times a Max Workouts for women year, and I needed something to keep me in shape," Delaney said.
More http://www.bradenton.com/2014/02/16/4996269/fitness-customized-workouts-have.html

February 01 2014


Enjoy Workouts

Similarly, if someone is going on a holiday and has to take off his shirt, he must prepare one month before. I think fitness regimen keeps on changing for three to four times a week with different workouts. One has to listen to his body, the body tells you and gives you signs to what you have to do, says the actor. He suggests that one must workout according to the workload and lifestyle. If there is someone who works at the office, then doing strenuous workout at the gym is the only option. For someone who works at a public place or anywhere where they are walking around a lot then they are already doing a lot of cardio in a day. So it depends on what you are doing. Make workouts it subject to your own personality. Dont starve yourself.
Source: http://www.thehindu.com/features/metroplus/fitness/enjoy-workouts/article5639242.ece

January 24 2014


Ibm?s ?smarter Planet? Needs A Tutor

Just as it did when it sold off networking, hard-disk, and PC businesses, IBM is moving away from making physical things and toward selling the software and services that make physical things work. For a long time the company argued that hardware tie-ins would help it sell more software and services. Now, though, IBM clearly thinks it doesnt need the hardware, and some market researchers agree. While IBM does generate significant revenues from Linux and Windows software sales, there is limited tie-in to hardware (in contrast to UNIX and Mainframe servers) and accordingly we expect limited impact on other parts of IBMs business, Toni Sacconaghi, an analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein ( AB ), wrote in a research note. Still, the underlying context behind this deal is more troubling for IBMs long-term business. Its hardware sales have plummeted as the cloud computing business of Amazon.com ( AMZN ) has soared. By the thousands, customers have shifted to renting much or all of their computing capacity from Amazonand Google ( GOOG ) and Microsoft ( MSFT )rather than purchasing equipment.

January 19 2014


welcome to my online blog

welcome to my web journey
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